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FAQ – Advertising

Frequently Asked Questions

How can advertising with Connecting Directories help my business?

Blind mass-marketing can be very expensive. For the small business it usually just isn’t economical. Connecting Directories offers the opportunity to do smart marketing by providing specific target markets. Do you want to target only homeowners within a 10 mile radius of your location? We can provide exactly that.

Who is Connecting Directories?

Connecting Directories is a division of Cathedral Directories which was originally located in Royal Oak, Michigan and established in 1946. Cathedral Directories has an outstanding record of service to churches for over 65 years. Initially serving churches in Michigan, acceptance of Cathedral’s services quickly spread to include churches in several states. Products and services offered by Cathedral Directories establish us as one of the foremost suppliers of church directories and services in the country. Over time there became an increasing demand for directories from a variety of membership groups and Connecting Directories was formed to service those groups and to continue servicing churches. As Connecting Directories has continued to grow and adapt over time our services beyond just directories. We now offer color printing, mailing services, print services and database conversion services.

What are my Advertising Options with Connecting Directories?

Connecting Directories offers a variety of advertising options in various publication types. You can choose to place an ad in a church directory and target 500 church members by placing an ad in a single church directory or target 2,000 homeowners by placing an ad in 10 homeowners association. Advertisers who advertise in 10 or more publications receive a volume discount.

What are the deadlines of Connecting Directories’ publications?

Connecting Directories is always publishing various directories at any time of year. It is always a good time for you to place your first ad!

Will I get a copy of the publications I advertise in?

Connecting Directories has a strict privacy policy that prevents us from sharing any confidential information from the directories we publish. Once the publication prints you will receive a tear sheet of your advertisement. If you would like to see a complete directory we always welcome advertisers to come in to our office and see it in person.

 How are the publications delivered?

Distribution methods vary to some extent. Here are the distribution methods we see for each type of organization:

  • Homeowners association directories are either delivered by USPS directly to homes or distributed from door to door by volunteer.
  • Church directories are either mailed directly to member homes by USPS or are left out during service times to be picked up by members.
  • School districts distribute directories by placing one in the school “mailbox” of each staff member.
  • MARSP directories are either mailed directly to member homes by USPS, passed out at meetings or they are distributed using a combination of both methods.